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  Departments and services

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Departments and services

Circulation department

It is the biggest department in our library, where you can take books for home reading. More then 120 thousand books of all kinds (Russian and foreign classic, adventures, fantasy and so on) are presented here to satisfy the demand of people, witch is as different as people are.

Reading room and periodicals sector

It is a "study room" for pupils, students, specialists and scientists. Here you can find books on economics, law, history, psychology and philosophy. It has a big choice of local and central periodical issues - more than 300 titles of newspapers and magazines.

Department of scientific and technical literature

In accordance with the title of the section, a wide range of books and magazines concerning natural and technical science, agriculture, medicine, geography and sports is represented here.

Sector of literature on art

The department contains a collection of books on Russian and foreign art, music literature, printed music, gramophone records and periodical issues. Also you have an opportunity to get a consultation of a competent specialist on subject you are interested in. You can visit a book exhibition on art and music. The centre provides excursions and talks on world art culture.

Rare books department

It's a unique book collection including 3000 titles: " Books dated back to the XVI-XIX and the beginning of the XX centuries. " Originals of writings in Cyrillic characters, facsimile and reprinted issues. " The collection of miniature books

Department of foreign language literature

This fund holds more than 8000 books in English, German, French and other languages. You can find a great choice of textbooks, dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias, teach-yourself-books and language courses with audio cassettes.

Section of international relations

It is a so-called "Window to the World" of the library: " It conducts international correspondence and supports library contacts with Russian and foreign partners. " It provides information about international charitable funds and free educational programs. " It assists the Rotary club of Avachinsky.

Department of information and bibliography.

" It is the biggest fund of reference literature (nearly 8000 books). " It provides quick references (more than 20 000 per a year) " It operates a search for normative documents in law informational systems such as "Consultant-Plus", "Garant". " Specialists of this department help in making bibliographic lists for writing course and diploma works. " Specialists of this department help library patrons in the catalogues room.

Acquisition and catalogues department

This department consists of 2 sectors: " Acquisition sector; " Sector of processing documents and organizing catalogues. The first sector forms the library's fund according to the socio-economical and cultural profile of our region. The second sector carries out technical, bibliographic processing of documents, creates electronic catalogues and controls the work of informational bibliographic apparatus.

Media centre

" Provides access to electronic resources: the Internet, CDs, electronic catalogues and data bases; " Organizes computer skills trainings. " Organizes educational seminars.

Publishing centre

It performs design of any polygraphic production.

Computer department

The main function of this department is: " Automation of library processes. " Application of new informational technologies. " Providing access to the world informational recourses of the Internet.

Cultural center

The centre carries out cultural educational and advertising activities. It organizes seminars, presentations, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, trainings and parties. It conducts programs of patriotic and moral education.

Library staff training department

It is Kamchatka's educational centre for librarians. It provides consultations and practical help to library specialists; it conducts libraries surveys and organizes librarian workshops; it coordinates the library work in partnership with the "Pushkinskaya Library" project.

Social sector

" It serves and delivers books to elderly and disable people; " It holds exhibitions of handicraft works, organizes needlework clubs, charity fairs, auctions and parties.

The department of storing basic fund

This universal fund comprises more than 300000 books, newspapers and magazines of the past years.



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